Max Mannequins

max Mannequins

We Make Fashion Come To Life!

Max Mannequins

We create artistic mannequins and bust forms in India that are available for sale around India.

Male Bust & Torso

Female Bust & Torso

Leg Forms


Kid Mannequins

Plastic Mannequins

Ghost Mannequins

Dress Form


Visual Merchandising

Intensive Studies and Elaborate Research Provide the Basis for Every Single Max Mannequin. We Design Mannequins With Poses and Body Language That Are as Close to Real-life as Possible. Our Customers Can Choose From 31 Collections With Over 200 Styles to Express Their Creativity.

And if an Idea Has Not Yet Been Realized, We Will Happily Develop Production-ready Store Concepts Including Poses, Functions and Surfaces Together With the Client.

We Recognize Current and Future Developments in the Fashion Industry.